If you are looking for quality, convenience, and affordability in auto-detailing; look no further than Lindsay and Lindsay. I promise that they will do everything possible to ensure that you are beyond satisfied.  Patrick and one of his team members met me AT MY OFFICE with their state of the art equipment so when I left work it looked like I had a brand new car!  On top of my car looking new, I was very pleased to learn that they only use the highest quality, eco-friendly cleaning products. I can't say enough good things about this company, and I'm looking forward to my next detailing!  Thanks Lindsay and Lindsay!

Rich J - Louisville, KY

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Not just for classic show cars. They removed every crumb, dog hair and dirt from the chair seams and carpet. Inside and out looked like I drove it off the dealership lot. They were punctual, efficient and professional.  I've already called to make an appointment for my other car.

Karla S - Goshen, KY

When you say "detail' Lindsay and Lindsay leaves no detail untouched !!! Every inch of my interior was spotless , cleaned and waxed! And my 2000 honda  CRV looks brand new on the outside ! I love the convenience you offer me as an individual ...whether it's picking my car up or doing it at my home or loved when you were detailing at one of my corporate clients - a great incentive for employees and you offered great deals too! Thank you !!! Put me on the schedule permanently!

Linda L - Prospect, KY

Lindsay and Lindsay is amazing. They offered to pick up my car while I was at work and bring it back before I got off. I didn't even notice it was gone!! And it was the best I had ever seen it, better then when I first bought it. They were able to get out my infamous coffee stains too. Patrick is so easy to work with. I live in Cincinnati now but I have thought about driving up just to have them detail it again.

Ashley G - Sellersburg, IN


Our Mission

Your vehicle sits near the top of the list of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. Maintaining a proper detailing regimen helps to protect that investment and retain value. At Lindsay & Lindsay our passion drives us - we aim for perfection. There's no better feeling than seeing the ecstatic look on our customer's faces when we restore their vehicle to its former glory. Whether you tear down the road in an exotic supercar, or tear through soccer practices in your minivan, we will give your vehicle the attention it deserves.