Lindsay & Lindsay Auto Detailing offers 100% customer satifaction. Whether it's a car, truck, boat or motorcycle, we've got you covered.

Deluxe Detail

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

  • 24-Step Hand Wash Utilizing Two Bucket Method

  • Wheels and Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed

  • Forced Air Dry

  • Clay Bar Paint Decontamination

  • Glass Cleaned Inside and Out

  • Paint is Coated with High Quality Sealant or Wax

  • Interior Surfaces Dusted, Prepped and Wiped Down with a pH Balanced Solution

  • UV Protectant is Applied to Interior Dash and Plastics

  • Leather is Cleaned and Conditioned

  • Carpets are Scrubbed and Vacuumed

  • Steam is Used to Clean Tight/Small Areas (if necessary)

  • The Vehicle is Given a Final Once Over to Ensure All Areas are Clean

Price Ranges: Cars $275-$300, Small trucks/Crossovers $300-$350, Large truck/SUV and Mini Vans $325-$400. Prices listed are for a typical vehicle in good condition. Prices may be higher for oversized vehicles, excessively dirty vehicles, or vehicles with special considerations. Prices reflected above are for vehicles that are dropped off to our location at 280 North Hubbards Lane. ***A transport of $50 will be added for mobile services at your home or office.

Additional Services

Add any additional service to an existing detail and save!

Headlight Restoration

Hand Wax Application

Wheel Sealant Application

Odor Removal

Child Seat Cleaning

Heat Transfer Stain Removal

Scratch Removal

Wet Sanding

Swirl Removal

Hologram Removal

Engine Bay Detail

Nano Paint Coatings


Marine Detailing

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Commercial Detailing

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Lindsay and Lindsay Auto-Detailing can service/detail your entire fleet of vehicles without leaving the premises. From box trucks to smart cars, we offer discounts for commercial and fleet vehicles.  We also offer discounted rates to offices and businesses with mass scheduling.  Call 502-457-1759 and we'll take care of it for you! 


Lindsay & Lindsay will service your boat on shore or in the water. Our services include washing the exterior to buffing, polishing, and sealing the gel coat. Your boat or yacht is a major asset and proper upkeep and TLC will help retain its value for years to come.